High speed, in-memory, parallel data generation Enumerate, Iterate, Generate

The Data Generator Technology

Team Site Enterprise
AWS Deployment
Cross Platform Library Compliant
Supports Any GCC Compliant C Compiler
Supports Any GCC Compliant Operating System
Supports Any GCC Compliant Hardware
Supports Any C Data Type
Supports Any C Data Structure
Supports Data Parallelism
Supports Dynamic Memory Model
Supports Callable API Interface
Includes UDG Specification Grammar
Includes UDG Specification
Includes UDG Encryption Library
Includes PRNG Seed Value Support
Feature: Upper Bounds
Feature: Lower Bounds
Feature: Increment Value
Feature: Repeat Values
Feature: Pre-generated Libraries
Feature: User Defined Types
Feature: Cardinality Support
Feature: Extended Type Support - Times
Feature: Extended Type Support - Date
Feature: Extended Type Support - Floating Point
Unlimited Users
OEM Support
Cloud Deployment
Synthetic IO

Synthetic IO, Inc. is a Virginia LLC with offices in Virginia and Colorado. We provide software design, engineering, and development services to US-based companies and US government clients.